Deborah Secret Resources

Many Women need resources to build their businesses but don’t have the time to research the best networking organizations to attend or the best tools to enhance heir business so I wanted to share with you my TOP go that are guaranteed to improve your business. As the former Director of eWomen’s Network and mover and shaker in the Atlanta tri-state I know how having the right secrets can be a game changer in your business so I wanted to share the organizations, tools and businesses that work for me.

Charter Accounting

Charter Accounting is a 30 year tax planning firm can perform tax planning, preparation and making sure you have the right strategies in place. We can handle everything from the simplest personal return up to the most complicated business return.

What Women Want

What Women Want (WWW) gives women a chance to maximize their potential in business, increase sales with a heart-centered perspective, forge new collaborations for both business and friendships, strengthen our motivation to succeed and move forward with a positive mindset and compassion for our colleagues and clients. We truly believe that you can succeed faster and further in your business if you also work on the business of yourself!

Her Workspace

Her Workspace is Atlanta’s newest co-working community designed by Women for Women. This beautifully decorated business space allows professional Woman to meet their next collaborators, clients and supporters all while being seen and productive in a safe environment.

League of Girlfriends

The League of Girlfriends is a social organization where like-minded Women share experiences that help them to create relationships with Women who will support them personally and professionally leading to long lasting friendships and unwavering trust and business support.


LegalShield provide’s legal protection to over 4.6 million lives across North America providing free legal advice and coverage that is easily accessible and affordable


BeeKonnected uses AI technology to help you Konnect with professionals with Your Exact Target Market, Media Opportunities and of course… New Clients Locally, Nationally and Globally.

Health & Wellness:


Melaluca is the largest online wellness shopping club in North America and a world leader in naturally effective, one-of-a-kind wellness products designed to help you live a more vibrant life.


Exclusive age-defying skincare and wellness products with patented ingredients to help people look and feel their best.

Redlight therapy

Red Light Therapy is used for pain relief, healing, reducing inflammation, body sculpting and anti-aging. Appointments available in house – Tue-Thurs.

ColorStreet Nails

US based ColorStreet nail strips are made of 100% real nail polish and are chip resistant. The quickest manicure on the go in hundreds of colors and styles.