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As a resident and trusted business owner in Alpharetta for more than 20 years I have created numerous opportunities over the years that has increased the success of others. You may be aware that i recently did it again by turning when I opened a new co-working office for professional Women 1020 Cambridge Square.

It has always been important to be that I collaborate with other successful business owners with vision. Therefore, I am inviting you to participate in a very exclusive collaborative that will enhance your company’s image as the key place for Women to do business. I don’t want to give too much away, so I am invited you to enjoy lunch with me on Tuesday July 20th @ 12PM to hear more. Look I have done business with you for years and truly admire your vision and your businesses mission. I want you to represent the ________ industry exclusively for this opportunity. I am looking for an owner with your leadership skills that can pull the trigger and understand the value of innovation and collaboration.

As owner of Charter Accounting, which has over 1,000 clients, chapter Director for What Women Want, founder of Her Workspace, Wife, mom and doggy mom, I GET IT. Time is very precious and many days short. Please put this on your calendar and agree to enjoy Village Tavern lunch on my expense and allow me to share this opportunity with you.

I ask that you keep this invitation between us and that you call my office manager, Ginger Harrison, at 770-671-0021 to rsvp.

See you soon,
Deborah Daniel

8 weeks

(45 minutes – 1 hour/15 minutes Q&A)- $997via Zoom


via Zoom